Post Trade Processing

After the implementation of Integrated Investment Management System (S-INVEST) for Order Routing/Unit Transaction module in August 2016, one of the main modules of S-INVEST namely Post Trade Processing for Basic Asset Transactions has also been implemented in August 2017.

Post trade processing is the instruction for underlying asset transaction of Investment Products which includes Mutual Funds, Real Estate Investment Trust Fund, Discretionary Funds, and other investment products as determined by OJK.  Instruction of basic asset transactions or also known as Post Trade Processing include among others:

  • Trade Allocation and Trade Details
  • Trade Confirmation
  • Settlement Instruction
  • OTC Instruction Creation

 These underlying asset transaction can be used for:

  • Equity securities
  • Debt securities
  • Offshore/Unregistered securities, settlement instruction and Time Deposit
  • Futures trade instruction