The system used to report, manage, and follow-up alleged violations conducted by KSEI internal parties.
Those who wish to report indications of violations conducted by KSEI’s internal parties can file their reports to KSEI’s official e-mail.

Reporting Criteria

Violations conducted by KSEI’s internal parties which include: The Board of Commissioners, The Board of Directors, Internal Parties, Prospective Employees, Fixed-term Employees (PKWT), and Outsources Parties.

Types of Violations to report;

1. Discrimination;
2. Harassment;
3. Intimidation;
4. Anarchic actions;
5. Misuse of data and information;
6. Conflict of interests;
7. Illegal Gratuities;
8. Bribery; 
9. Extortion;
10. Financial reporting fraud;
11. Embezzlement of cash, inventory, and other assets.

 Guarantee of Confidentiality and Whistleblower Protection

  1. KSEI provides protection towards whistleblowers from all forms of threats, intimidation, persecutions, or any objectionable actions from any party, as long as the whistleblower keeps the confidentiality of the reported case.
  2. KSEI guarantees the confidentiality of the entire content of the filed report.

 Communication Media

KSEI’s official e-mail lapor@kseiwbs.co.id has been set up to manage the WBS as a communication tool to report alleged violations and is protected with the company’s encryption mechanism.