Operating Procedures

No.DescriptionNumber of Circular LetterDownload
1 Obligation of the Custodian Banks and the Securities Companies as the S-INVEST User in relation to the Investment Products’ SID SE-0006/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1221 Download
2 Mechanism for the Registration of Debt Securities and/or Sukuk at PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) SE-0005/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1121 Download
3 Data Reference and Information on the Issuance of Single Investor Identification (SID) Based on the Types of Investor    SE-0004/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1021 Download
4 Mechanism for the Utilization of Free of Payment (FOP) for the Book-Entry of Securities Instruction Without Payment of Fund at KSEI SE-0003/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0621 Download
5 Mechanism for the Delivery of Trade Confirmation to the Client via AKSes SE-0002/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0421 Download
6 Procedure for the Delivery of Trade Confirmation and Periodic Report of Mutual Fund via S-INVEST by S-INVEST Users SE-0001/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0421 Download
7 Reporting on the Result of Reconciliation over Single Investor Identification (SID), Securities Account, and Securities Balance SE-0007/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1220 Download
8 Integrated Investment Management System (S-INVEST) Services Fees for S-INVEST Users Carrying Out Securities Transaction Activities for their Own Interest SE-0006/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1120 Download
9 Technical  Requirements  for  the  Investment  Manager  in  Carrying  Out Securities Transaction Activities for Their Own Interests SE-0005/DIREKS/KSEI/0720 Download
10 Reporting  and  Settlement  Mechanism  on  Repurchase  Agreement  (Repo) Transaction SE-0003/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0420 Download
11 The Mechanism for the Registration of Ownership, Overbooking, and  Submission of Single Investor Identification (SID)
over the State Bonds
SE-0001/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0220 Download
12 The Mechanism of the Securities Distribution Resulting From Corporate Actions of the Securities Issuers SE-0006/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1219 Download
13 The Mechanism for the Overbooking of Fund from and/or to the Clearing Account of KSEI at Bank Indonesia by Using Rupiah Currency in the Framework of Securities Transaction Settlement SE-0003/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0819 Download
14 The  Procedure  for  the  Application  of  Approval  on  the  Avoidance  of  Double Taxation and the Implementation of Corporate Action in KSEI SE-0002/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0419 Download
15 Static Data Investor Submission Procedure for the Creation of Single Investor Identification (SID) at KSEI SE-0004/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1118 Download
16 Mechanism of Overbooking of Debt Securities for the Settlement of Electronic Trading Platform (ETP) Transaction at KSEI SE-0002/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0317 Download
17 Provision of Report on Movement and/or Balance of Securities and/or Fund in the Securities Account SE-0004/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0916 Download
18 Mechanism and Requirements for The Utilization of The Integrated Investment Management System (S-INVEST) SE-0005/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1016 Download
19 Mechanism of the Opening of Securities Sub-Account (SRE) and Client Fund Account (RDN) for The Purpose of Implementation of Law Number 11 of 2016 Regarding Tax Amnesty SE-0006/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1016 Download
20 Mechanism of the Opening of Investor Fund Unit Account for The Purpose of Implementation of Law Number 11 of 2016 Regarding Tax Amnesty SE-0007/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1016 Download
21 Overbooking of Securities Without Funds Payment with Free of Payment Instruction at KSEI SE-0005/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1215 Download
22 Amandment of Rights' Transaction Settlement Mechanism through C-BEST KSEI-0078/DIR/0103 Download
23 Settlement of Debt Securities in Foreign Currency Denomination KSEI-0323/DIR/0303 Download
24 General Meeting of Share Holders (Issuer) KSEI-0617/DIR/0503 Download
25 General Meeting of Share Holders (Account Holder) KSEI-0618/DIR/0503 Download
26 Procedures of Rights' Exercise through C-BEST KSEI-2727/DIS/0602 Download
27 NCD and MTN Central Securities Depository Service SE-002/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0902 Download
28 Withdrawal of Securities from C-BEST SE-017/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0900 Download